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Advance the Mission of James 1:27

Help Us Raise a Scholarship Endowment for the Children of Heroes.

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  • “It’s an honor to work with James 1. The world needs to know the sacrifice that the Colombian National Police make for all of us.  Endowed scholarships are a long-term way of showing we care about the kids left behind and we can do so in the name of the Lord.”

    – Francisco Jones, Executive Producer
  • “James 1:27 calls each of us to do our part. For me, that means shaping and molding the artistry of Wiley Skaret and messaging a call to action through creative video. Join us!”

    – Zach Ruble, Cinematographer
  • “As a Colombian, I joined this team to help the kids of our heroes, who have made our country better through their sacrifice.  What better way to say thank you than endowed tuition assistance in the name of justice, humanity, and the Word of God.”

    – Anonymous Operational Expense Donor