James 1 Children of Cartagena, Colombia

James 1 Children of Cartagena

Dedicated to the Children of the Heroic Fallen Heroes of the Colombian National Police.

A top world travel destination, the beautiful city of Cartagena is perched on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. But this morning, our pianist Wiley Skaret, takes us on a day’s walk beginning in a Cartagena not seen by many. The children of El Poson and Isla de Leon remind us that joy knows no zip code, while spirits are easily lifted on the white sandy beaches of the Island of Baru. An afternoon of Russian jazz in the walled city’s Plaza de Santo Domingo catches the ear of street-performing break dancers who instinctively join in making a memory in the moment. And then, in a blink of eye it’s over, and we are reminded of the Cartagena where we started.

When officers of the Colombian National Police leave home for their next shift or major capture operation, they leave behind wives and children. And when tragedy strikes and these men don’t come home, life changes in the blink of an eye. The father who was always there is gone. Young children don’t understand; older children don’t want to understand; and young moms are left trying to explain the unexplainable. James 1:27 is spot on — we must help these families.

Support these women and their families today by clicking here.


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