James 1 Colombian National Anthem

James 1 Colombian National Anthem in Pereira, Colombia

Dedicated to Single Moms Proudly Raising the Children of Colombian National Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty.

Colombia’s fabled Coffee Country, the jewel of Colombia, is as beautiful as beautiful gets. Yet within these scenic vistas are single moms struggling to raise their children after the death of their best friend and breadwinner — a Colombian police officer who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, our pianist Wiley Skaret, is on an early morning walk in the orchards outside Pereira, Colombia, where he slips into the life of a young widow and her daughter. After an early rise, chores, and a typical breakfast, the two scurry off to soccer practice. The hard fought pick-up game is transformed into a big league day in Pereira’s Hernan Ramirez soccer stadium, where young Colombians and Americans go head to head, World Cup style! And as they play their hearts out, our young widow sits in a sea of bleachers feeling the pain of loss and solitude, and yet, her heart is fueled by love for her late husband and the growth of their daughter. Her memories take her to the Valley of Cocora where green valleys, sky-reaching wax palms, and the wonderful, merciful healing of God’s love ready her for another evening of lonely responsibility and thoughts of what’s to come in her life. She finishes the day shoulder to shoulder with her daughter in wonder of God’s promise to work all things out for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

Who can argue with James 1:27? We must take care of widows and orphans left behind. And here in Colombia, thousands of young wives and moms must live alone as if nothing happened — soccer practice goes on, the kids need breakfast, the porch must be swept, and life marches on long after the flag is folded and taps is played.

Support these proud women and their families today by clicking here.


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