James 1 Funeral and Restoration

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James 1 Funeral and Restoration in Guasca, Colombia

Dedicated to the Widows of the Heroic Fallen Heroes of the Colombian National Police.

An afternoon walk through Guasca, Colombia, leads our artist, Wiley Skaret, into a cemetery where he comes upon a painted piano in the courtyard of the quaint memorial gardens. Preparing to play, he notices the grief of a young wife and the duty-bound officers of the Colombian National Police in support. In recognition of her loss, he drops his right hand and begins a prayerful hymn. Her grief turns to frustration in the environs of the Andean tundra but hope comes alive and grace is truly amazing. The soft rolling greenery of Cundinamarca renews her with the promise of Lord-inspired healing of heart and mind. But we end with a reminder of her grief; and while the loss of a loved one is like the loss of a limb, the memories of those we love stay with us in good times and bad.

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