The Plan

James 1

Version 2James 1 is a Christian project that seeks to fulfill the mission of James 1:27 (in Spanish, “Santiago 1:27”) by caring for widows and orphans in distress.

Our Mission

Color1. Tell the world about the sacrifice of the Colombian National Police and the struggles of families left behind. (Check out our VIDEOS sponsored by private and corporate donors! Thank you American Family Insurance and Rhino Equipment!)

2. Raise a $500,000 college scholarship endowment for the children of Colombia’s fallen police heroes.

                                                           3. Do it all for the Lord.

Heroic young men of the Colombian National Police give their lives in the fight against narco-trafficking and transnational organized crime. (Here is the Colombian National Police’s wall of heroes.) Former Colombian President Gaviria said that in 1990, Pablo Escobar’s assassins killed over 400 police officers . . . in one month . . . in one city!!


The Endowment — How We’re Raising Money?

Our $500,000 endowment in direct support for educational assistance is being built up by private and corporate sponsorship.

1. Private donors.  James 1 has hundreds of followers, giving one-time and monthly gifts between $5 to $1000!  Give here!  Wiley has a special group of donors . . . “Wiley’s 100,” who have committed to giving $100 per month for 10 months.  Will you join that team?

2. Corporate sponsors.  Corporate sponsors are encouraged to support the endowment fund and/or videos and project expenses.

3.  Benefit Concerts.  Wiley is playing benefit concerts on a regular basis.  For the next concert near you, check here.

4.  Auction of the James 1 Piano.  At the end of the project, the James 1 piano will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the endowment fund. Our board believes the piano may find a final resting place in the Bogota Museum of Modern Art.

Endowment Specifics

1.  Your Giving is 100% Tax Deductible. James 1 is a US 501(c)(3) project.  Funds are administered by US-based New Horizons Foundation, which provides tax-deductible receipts for donations.tax_deductible

2. Between 92-95% (depending on credit card or echeck payments) of all donations go straight to the endowment’s principal.

3.  The endowment is managed by James 1’s parent foundation, New Horizons.  Scholarship funds will be wired directly to the University, College, or Trade School in Colombia of deserving child students of fallen officers.

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