The Team

Wiley Skaret

Wiley Skaret is an international award-wining young American pianist living in Bogota, Colombia. He studies piano with Pilar Leyva and is an online student at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is the recent winner of the Colombian National Soloist Competition (ages 25 and under) and looks forward to early-2017 performances with the Antioquia Symphonic Orchestra and the Manizales Orchestra. After his critically acclaimed 2012 international solo debut and Down Syndrome benefit concerts in Guatemala City, Wiley felt led to structure future major public performances around the idea of “giving back.” With that in mind, he created James 1 and is the driving force behind the project.

As a Christian artist, Wiley enjoys classical improvisation and, more specifically, arranging modern hymns with virtuosic classical repertoire. During this project, look for his compositions and arrangements to include classical selections or quotes from Greig, Liszt, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and others. Wiley’s favorite Christian artists are Keith and Kristen Getty, Toby Mac, Veritas, Michael W. Smith, Babbi Mason, Hillsong, MercyMe, Chris Tomlin, and Casting Crowns. Wiley is honored to have performed with legendary tenor Russell Newport, violinist Lori Jean Smith, saxophonist Nathan Woodward, the Burchfield Brothers, and cellist Ana Isabel Zorro of the Bogota Philharmonic. As a new “Bogotano” or “Rolo,” Wiley has also quickly grown to love the music of Fonseca, Carlos Vives, Jorge Celedon, and Shakira.

You can follow Wiley on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and right here on his James 1 blog.

Zach Ruble Productions

Zach Ruble, founder and director of Zach Ruble Productions, is an American videographer and photographer. Currently living in Bogota, Zach and his Colombian wife, Viviana, manage the production company with the well-defined mission of serving God by providing the best video and graphic design workmanship to ministries and non-profits. Zach and Viviana’s production company teamed with Wiley from the start and have provided direction, leadership, and creative videography for the project.

Natalia Alarcon Quinones

Natalia Alarcon is a Bogota-based emerging actress who stars in the James 1 videos and assists in the creative enterprise of the project.  She is also a James 1 Associate Producer, and assists in the management of the team, design and publishing of James 1 printed materials, branding, translation, and public appearances.

 Obras Sociales and Corazon Verde

James 1 Operation Continuing Honor is so proud to partner with Obras Sociales (Social Work) and Corazon Verde (Green Heart), which both exist to improve the quality of life of widows and orphans of fallen Colombian National Police Officers.

IMG-20150520-WA0004Obras Sciales is the charitable arm of the Colombian National Police, currently chaired by the good offices of Col. Maria Teresa de Restrepo (ret.), wife of Sub-Director of the Colombian National Police, General Ricardo Restrepo Londoño.

99616a10e9e6b2bd12c24808094f24deCorazon Verde was created in 1998 by a group of concerned Colombian businessmen and women who were looking for a way to help widows and orphans of Colombian National Police officers who had died in the line of duty.  Since its inception, Corazon Verde has become one of the most trusted and admired social justice charities in Colombia.

Kimera Attack Crew – RMAIMG_4334

Three members of the Bogota-based Kimera Attack Crew – RMA (Kno Delix, Oso, and Rager) teamed with James 1 to paint the James 1 Piano. These internationally-known artists have painted a variety of mediums for 15 years.  They combine their artistic strength to support anti-drug campaigns, at-risk youth, and large murals promoting culture and peace.

Team leader Kno Delix has been featured in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico — including the Mexican National Museum, and has been invited to display work in Chile, Canada, and the United States. Co-team leader Oso is a Colombian National Police Lieutenant and works extensively with anti-drug programs such as DARE in poverty-stricken areas of Bogota and throughout Colombia.

These talented young artists specialize in aerosol but paint equally in oils, acrylic, and airbrush. You can follow Kno Delix, Oso, and Rager on Instagram.

Piano Quevedo

Piano Quevedo is a family-owned piano repair business located in Bogota, Colombia. For two generations, they have been repairing and restoring pianos throughout Colombia. When they found out about the James 1 Operation Continuing Honor project, they immediately wanted to help. The restored beauty of the piano is largely thanks to them.

If you are interested in first-class piano restoration in Colombia, please contact them at their main headquarters number:  57-1-251-8281.

Daniel Villalba Piano Tuning

Daniel Villalba is a member of the U.S. Piano Technicians Guild and a recognized expert piano tuner in Colombia. For 28 years, he has provided always-trusted service to concert grands and private pianos. Mr. Villalba is the contract technician for Corpus University in Colombia, and has been supporting Wiley since 2012. The James 1 project audio comes from a 2011 Steinway Model B Grand Piano — Mr. Villalba ensures the piano is perfectly in tune prior to all recordings.

Copia de DSC_0475Mr. Villalba is also an expert in the restoration and history of early 20th century player pianos, or “pianolas.”  Interestingly, in the early 1900’s, as the pianolas were gaining in popularity, the pianolas were arriving in Colombia and first made available to South Americans the baroque, classical, and romantic music of Europe.  Although the phonograph soon replaced the pianola as a more efficient replicator of music, some Colombian composers began writing music only for the pianola.  Mr. Villalba and his son are currently engaged in a search for those early piano rolls to bring alive Colombian piano music that has been lost for nearly 100 years.  James 1 hopes to assist in that search and perform one of those special works in tribute to the Colombian composers from that epoch.

For expert tuning, please contact Mr. Villalba at 57-311-272-5609.

Alejandro Gomez, Founder and CEO of Zaga Labs

Alejandro Gomez is a Bogota-based entrepreneur who brings the James 1 team over 20 years of digital promotion strategy.  He is Founder and CEO of Zaga Labs LLC, offering business model design, product design, application development, and brand positioning for both proprietary and client ventures. Prior to Zaga Labs, Alejandro was Co-Founder and President at Zemoga, Inc., a digital innovation agency where he lead digital strategies for Pottery Barn, Mozilla, Sears Holdings, Berlitz, Rodale Publishing, HBO, and BMW. Mr. Gomez teamed with Wiley to set up in clear and full support of James 1:27’s mandate. As he has emphasized from the start:  “Those officers fall so that we can stand.

Operational Support Donors

The James 1 awareness campaign incurs a variety of production costs on a per-video basis.  However, private and corporate donors have shared the James 1 vision and joined our team in generous support of these production costs. What this means is that the world can enjoy James 1 videos filmed on-scene in Colombia, bringing awareness to the issue of the sacrifice borne by the family members of officers killed in the line of duty.  At the same time, individuals who feel led to donate directly to the cause in the name of James 1:27 can do so without reserve, knowing that their donations go straight to the endowment fund to resource future scholarships for children of those killed in the line of duty.

Thank you American Family Insurance, Colorado South Team!

And thank you Rhino Equipment (Bogota, Colombia) for your generous sponsorship!

Wiley’s 100

100’s of donors x $100 per month

EnglishJames 1’s fundraising support campaign seeks to raise $500,000 USD to fund a lasting endowment for college and trade school scholarships for children of Colombian National Police officers killed in the line of duty. To meet that goal, James 1 seeks 100’s of donors to contribute $100 dollars per month. We call that list of committed supporters, “Wiley’s 100.” These 100 supporters are the foundation of this project.

Won’t you join us? Will you be one of Wiley’s 100?  Will you support in other ways: perhaps more; perhaps less.  Read about the campaign.  Join the Newsletter below.  Ask us your questions, and we’ll get back to you!  And if you’re ready, contribute now.

James 1 is a certified US 501(c)(3) project; therefore, all funds provided in support are 100% tax deductible in the United States and are maintained by US-based New Horizon’s Foundation.