Ways to Give

Donations are now tax deductible!

James 1 is now a US 501(c)(3) project. US taxpayers will receive a fully deductible receipt for your records. All funds are managed by New Horizons Foundation. And because we have separate operational funding, your donations go straight to the endowment fund, aside from a 5-8% administrative fee depending on if you give by check or credit card. We are proud of having such a small overhead!

 Consider a Monthly Donation

Join Wiley’s 100!!

Our goal is to raise at least $500,000 USD that will go directly to an endowment to provide lasting university and trade school scholarships in Colombia for children of Colombian National Police Officers killed in the line of duty. Wiley thinks we can meet that goal. How:

• 100’s of donors to contribute $100 dollars per month •

We call that list of committed supporters, “Wiley’s 100.” These 100s of supporters are the foundation of this project. Their generosity is the driving force of this project.

Other Monthly Giving

Although one-time gifts are welcomed, we encourage even small monthly gifts. Why:  you will be invested in the project over the long haul, following videos, events, and victim interviews.

We are not yet included as a Combined Federal Campaign charity, but please consider funneling your monthly giving to James 1. Between 92% and 95% of your donations will go straight to those in need and in the name of Jesus.

One-Time Gifts

One-time gifts can be given at any time, and we encourage you to think of making your end-of-year giving in support of James 1:27.

 Corporate/Operational Expense Donors

Producing videos costs money. However, generous private and corporate donors have shared the James 1 vision and generously joined our team to support these operational production costs. They believe, like we do, that an investment in James 1 will yield change in hearts and minds for years to come in a mission sanctioned directly by James 1:27 and the fact that it’s just the right thing to do here in Colombia.

What this means is that the world can enjoy James 1 videos filmed on-scene in Colombia, bringing awareness to the issue of the sacrifice borne by the family members of officers killed in the line of duty.  At the same time, individuals who feel led to donate directly to the cause in the name of James 1:27 can do so without reserve, knowing that their money will go to the endowment fund.

If you want to be an operational expense donor, please contact us or give directly right here.

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If you’re interested in what we’re doing and you’d like the inside scoop, then join our team. Head over to our contact page, fill out the form, and you’ll start getting updates when we post new content. Want to see the most recent video? Done. How about our latest interview? You’ll hear about it. Hear about Wiley’s last scouting trip to the jungles of Colombia looking for a space for the James 1 Piano? You got it! Concert updates? All in your inbox!

Pray for Impact

Do we believe in the power of prayer? You better believe it. We’ve seen too many things happen in this life that leave no other explanation for the outcome save Divine and miraculous intervention.

Pray that we finish this race.  So many ideas, so many good intentions, but this is hard work.  We must be steadfast with our eye on the goal.  Widows and children and hurting. Heroes are fighting. And dying.

Pray that logistical challenges are overcome. Sticking pianos in the most beautiful places in Colombia when the weather cooperates isn’t easy.  Creativity is constantly subject to national park approvals, schedules of piano movers, free time for our volunteers, torrential rain, wind, mud slides, labor strikes, and precious nighttime recording sessions when the streets outside aren’t filled with honking horns and barking dogs.

Pray for operational support. We want to bring awareness but professional cinematography isn’t cheap. We’re shooting video on a shoestring but the bills have to be paid.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, join us as we pray for wives and children who are hurting. We will try and bring you their stories. Pray for them in their struggle: dealing with honorable death that nonetheless leaves them feeling overwhelmed and under supported; the travails of being a single mom; growing up without a dad you never knew; and just putting food on the table.

Won’t you join us? Will you be one of Wiley’s 100?  Will you support in other ways: perhaps more; perhaps less.  Read about our plan.  Join the Newsletter below.  Ask us your questions, and we’ll get back to you!  And if you’re ready, contribute now.

James 1 is a certified US 501(c)(3) project; therefore, all funds provided in support are 100% tax deductible in the United States and are maintained by US-based New Horizon’s Foundation.