The Birth of the James 1 Painted Piano in Honor of Colombia’s National Police

Dedicated to Colombia’s Heroic Fallen Officers

James 1 Pianist, Wiley Skaret, enters a dusty Bogota warehouse to find a 100-year-old piano just waiting to be played. He sits down and begins a well-known piano concerto and soon mixes and mingles his own improvisation of his favorite Irish hymn. Piano technicians enter to sand and repair the dusty upright. Graffiti artists fit the pianist with a respirator and begin their work. When finished, they pack their bags and leave without a trace.  Wiley suddenly finds himself surrounded by the Colombian National Police, who circle the piano in support. Was it a dream? Or just a beginning?


The Colombian National Police and Technical Investigative Corps are the tip of the spear fighting against major transnational organized crime syndicates that seek to supply each corner of the world with their vicious poison — cocaine.  But in the course of dangerous operations throughout this country, Colombia’s brave police commandos and others on the front line are dying by the hundreds each year.  The majority of these deaths are young men who leave behind families and small pensions.  But we can help.

Join us as we provide university scholarships for children of these brave heroes.    

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    University Scholarships for the Children of Colombia's Fallen Police Officers

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