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Meet our James 1 scholarship recipients, receiving full or partial university scholarships.  These young scholars have all suffered the loss of a parent who died fighting to protect freedom and safety, and they all face economic need.

Through Sponsor a Student, donors can decide who they want to sponsor, giving donors more control over who their money helps.  Donors can sponsor a student for a year, a semester, two months, or even one month, all with an industry-leading minimal overhead of 7 cents on the dollar.  This means a minimum 93 cents on your donated dollar goes straight to your selected student’s education!  After a Sponsor a Student donation has been made, donors will receive a thank you note from the student, and the ability to write them back if they wish.

And it’s so easy!  Head over to our donation page here and, after selecting your donation amount, enter the following text:  Sponsor a Student:  [Student Name], in the notes box.  Once you make the donation, we’ll make sure you get a thank you note from your sponsor student ASAP!



Laura – Nursing

Laura currently studies nursing at the “CES” University in northern Colombia.  Laura’s father was killed when she was very young, and she struggled to continue living purposefully without him.  Laura draws strength by remembering her father’s positive attitude, enthusiasm, and his love of life, which has prompted her to pursue a career in nursing, where she hopes to save lives and help families avoid the suffering that comes with losing a loved one.


James 1 is proud to be supporting Laura with a full scholarship for five years for her nursing tuition at the “CES” University.




Valentina – Architecture

Valentina currently lives in Facatativa, Colombia with her family.  Her father, Leonardo Fabio Morales Cardona, died in the line of duty in 2008 in Baranquilla, Colombia.  For the past three years, Valentina has studied architecture at the University “La Gran Colombia”.  She’s passionate about using her abilities to shape her community and hopes to do a part in serving Bogota’s future architectural needs.  


James 1 looks forward to supporting Valentina with a full scholarship for the next two years as she completes her degree in Architecture.



Brayan – Civil Engineering

After his father’s death merely three years ago, Brayan took the role of his father in his household — working hard to support his mother and brother.  Brayan is a devoted Christian, who serves his church as a youth leader — giving advice, organizing activities, and sharing God’s word with young people.  He is also an avid musician, who enjoys playing the bass and digital mixing.


Bryan has studied Civil Engineering for the past four years in Valledupar, Colombia.


James 1 is proud to support Brayan with a full scholarship for his last semesters as he finishes his degree!


Karen – Music

Karen lost her father in Caqueta, Colombia in 2004.  She was nine years old.  Karen’s mother worked outside the home, so she had to learn to be independent and self-motivated.  Over the years, she has learned not to be afraid of difficulties, but to face life’s situations without fear.  Karen would like to be a musician and later on, help young people get an education.  After this, Karen would like to study medicine.


Karen will be studying music for the next five years at Juan N. Corpas University virtually from Villavicencio, Colombia.  James 1 will be supporting Karen with a quarter scholarship, however, she still needs our help!


If you would like to sponsor Karen for a semester in Juan N. Corpas University, please consider making a donation of 2,800 USD here.


If that looks like a lot, a donation of 1,400 USD will sponsor her for three months, and a donation of only 500 USD  will sponsor Karen for an entire month of high quality musical education! 


1 Year: 5,600 USD

1 Semester: 2,800 USD

3 Months: 1,400 USD

1 Month: 500 USD

Don’t forget to enter the text Sponsor a Student: Karen into the comment section in the donation page, so we can make sure your money goes straight to Karen’s scholarship fund!


Maria Jose – Communication and Journalism

Maria Jose was five years old when she lost her father to an attack in Valle, Colombia.  Ever since her father’s death, Maria and her mother have lived alone and supported each other in everything.


Maria Jose currently studies communication and journalism in the University, Autónoma de Occidente in Colombia.  She would love to study abroad for her masters degree once she graduates, and after that, begin a career in journalism.


Maria is a devoted believer in prayer, often asking God to show her His will and help her approach life with the best attitude possible.


James 1 currently supports Maria Jose with a half scholarship for the next four years, but she still needs our help!  If you would like to support Maria for a semester, please consider making a 2,200 USD donation in her name here!  If this sounds like a lot, you can also support Maria for one month for 400 USD!


1 Year: 4,400 USD

1 Semester: 2,200 USD

3 Months: 1,100 USD

1 Month: 400 USD

Don’t forget to enter the text Sponsor a Student: Maria Jose into the comment section in the donation page, so we can make sure your money goes straight to Maria’s scholarship fund!


Luisa Fernanda – Medicine

Luisa Fernanda’s father died in service of the Colombian National Police in 2018 in Tolima, Colombia.  Luisa recounts that her faith in God has been instrumental during her healing process, and that it is in her father’s honor that she will continue to work hard studying medicine, and be the best person that she can.


Luisa Fernanda looks forward to raising a family in a bible-based home as well as becoming a neurosurgeon known for her service and work ethic.


In her free time, Luisa plays volleyball, studies languages, and enjoys reading and writing.  She particularly enjoys studying English, and even participated in a student exchange program in Mississippi.


James 1 will support Luisa Fernanda with a partial scholarship to study medicine for the next five years, but she still needs our help!


If you would like to support Luisa for a semester, please consider making a 5,000 USD donation to James 1 in her name by clicking here.  If this sounds like a lot, you can also give Luisa the gift of one month of quality education for 850 USD!


1 semester: 5,000 USD

3 months: 2,500 USD

1 month: 850 USD

Don’t forget to enter the text Sponsor a Student: Luisa Fernanda into the comment section in the donation page, so we can make sure your money goes straight to Luisa’s scholarship fund!



Jhan Esneider – Veterinary Medicine

Jhan was born with multiple health complications and was hospitalized for three months after birth.  His father had died just months before he was born, and his mother recalls that during that time, he was her light and hope, her reason to continue giving thanks to God.  As Jhan grew older, he matured in his Christian beliefs, and learned that when you fall, you can get back up. He learned from the beginning that disabilities aren’t obstacles but virtues.

Now, at 18 years old, Jhan has undergone ten successful surgeries, and is ready to pursue his dream of becoming a veterinary doctor.

In his free time, Jhan enjoys chess, soccer, and mathematics.

James 1 is proud to be sponsoring Jhan with a partial scholarship to study veterinary medicine, but he still needs our help!

If you would like to sponsor Jhan Esnieder, please consider making a donation here.  You’ll get a thank you note from Jhan, and will have the opportunity to write him back if you wish.

Make sure to paste the following text into the comment section below your donation:  Sponsor a Student:  Jhan


Daniela Alexandra

“My life has changed, without a doubt, but it does not mean that I cannot work hard to achieve my dreams.” — Daniela


Daniela recounts that losing her father was the hardest thing of her life.  However, she is comforted remembering that her father gave life his everything, and she wants to do the same.


Daniela’s seeks to become a Civil Engineer, never ceasing to grow in character. She wants to excel in her studies and internship program, as well as her work at Politecnico University.


In her free time, Daniela enjoys sports, exercise, and free writing.


James 1 looks forward to supporting Daniela with a full scholarship for the next four years of her studies at Politecnico University!


Please consider donating here to support young students like Brayan, Valentina, and Laura achieve their dreams and thank them for their families’ sacrifice.